Adoption Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I see the adoptable animals?

  • Although we do have cats, bunnies and guinea pigs at the shelter, the majority of our animals are at foster homes where they can get the benefit of one on one care.  When you contact us to adopt, we will arrange for  you to meet with the pet at the foster home.

What are the adoption fees?

  • The adoption fees are:  Dogs $125.00, Cats $95.00 (these fees include spay/neuter, shots, heart worm tested, feline leukemia testing)  Our pets are healthy when they leave our facility/ foster home.  Bunnies and Guinea pigs: $10,  Horses: $200-$900

I live in a different state/ location, will you bring the pet to me?

  • We wish that we had the manpower/means to be able to travel and do a home check but unfortunately we are only staffed with a very small group of volunteers who already work full time jobs and can only travel within a 30 mile radius.  We also keep in touch with our adoptees so this needs to be within a manageable distance.